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This is the information James Taris shared with LETS groups all over the world on his international LETS tours between 2002-2004.





rest of North America

North America (the continent)
Coutry Population Capital
North America
Canada 31,147,000 Ottawa
Greenland 46,331 (1975) Godthaab
Mexico 98,881,000 Mexico (City)
United States 278,357,000 Washington
Central America
Belize 241,000 Belmopan
Costa Rica 4,023,000 San Jos´┐Ż
El Salvador 6,276,000 San Salvador
Guatemala 11,385,000 Guatemala (City)
Honduras 6,485,000 Tegucigalpa
Nicaragua 5,074,000 Managua
Panama 2,856,000 Panama (City)
Antigua and Barbuda 68,000 Saint John's
Aruba 103,000 Oranjestad
Bahamas 307,000 Nassau
Barbados 270,000 Bridgetown
Cayman Islands 38,000 George Town
Cuba 11,201,000 Havana
Dominica 71,000 Roseau
Dominican Republic 8,495,000 Santo Domingo
Grenada 94,000 Saint George's
Guadeloupe 456,000 Basse-Terre
Haiti 8,222,000 Port-au-Prince
Jamaica 2,583,000 Kingston
Martinique 395,000 Fort-de-France
Puerto Rico 3,869,000 San Juan
Saint Kitts and Nevis 38,000 Basseterre
Saint Lucia 154,000 Castries
Trinidad and Tobago 1,295,000 Port-of-Spain
Virgin Islands 93,000 Charlotte Amalie

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