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Kingdom of Norway

National name:
Kongeriket Norge

King Harald V (1991)

Prime Minister:

125,181 sq mi
(324,220 sq km)

Population (mid-2005 est.): 4,593,041
(average annual growth rate: 0.3%);
birth rate: 12.6/1000;
infant mortality rate: 3.9/1000;
density per sq mi: 36

Capital and largest city (1995):
Oslo, 483,401

Other large cities:
Bergen, 221,717; Trondheim, 142,927;
Stavanger, 103,496

Monetary unit: Krone

Two official forms of Norwegian: Bokm�l and Nynorsk

Germanic (Nordic, Alpine, Baltic),
Lapps (Sami)

Evangelical Lutheran 87.8% (state church),
other Protestant and Roman Catholic 3.8%,
none 3.2%,
unknown 5.2%

Literacy rate:
99% (1976)

Background: Despite its neutrality, Norway was not able to avoid occupation by Germany in World War II. In 1949, neutrality was abandoned and Norway became a member of NATO. Discovery of oil and gas in adjacent waters in the late 1960s boosted Norway's economic fortunes. The current focus is on containing spending on the extensive welfare system and planning for the time when petroleum reserves are depleted. In referenda held in 1972 and 1994, Norway rejected joining the EU.

21,925 km (includes mainland 3,419 km, large islands 2,413 km, long fjords, numerous small islands, and minor indentations 16,093 km)

Geography - note:
about two-thirds mountains; some 50,000 islands off its much indented coastline; strategic location adjacent to sea lanes and air routes in North Atlantic; one of most rugged and longest coastlines in world; Norway is the only NATO member having a land boundary with Russia.

Nesodden byttering

(situated on just outside of our capital, Oslo (500.000 inh))

We startet in 1995, and we post 137 letters 5-6 times a year about comming activity (there are some more members though because some co-habitants and spouces also are members).
There are 15 000 people in this community but I think we are a well knitted, and close to each other, "Everybody knows who everybody is".
We, the members, shop for 25.000 kroner a year ($2000), where one houres work is paid $10. Children cloths, help with in the house at parties, moving or decoration, and different courses, are the top three. 3-4 times a year we arrange markeds for all people in our community to come and exchange.
At the time these are the glue that hold it toghether; they are very populare. We also have a central for members to leave and find childrens cloths.
There are 6 areas in our community; the idea is that one can contact a "close" member before a "long distance" member.
*** Accommodation in NORWAY ***
I and my family travel a lot and would be very interested both in giving people a stay over here in Norway and to meet others when travelling. A central webplace as you describe it would be very interesting to use for such activity!

Trondheim byttering (Trondheim LETS)
Klaus Stafto
Mobile: +47 90783674
We also have a web-based "account office" where participators of our LETS can announce things and services and where they can do online payments (in our local LETS-currency) for their LETS tradings. Unfortunately our web program is not working at the moment, and is only in Norwegian.

Bytteringen i Ås
Alf Lund
Our LETS being the oldest active in Norway (since 1994) is also the
largest with more than 200 members. We communicate our ads in the quarterly newsletter "Byttenytt". Yearly turnover: 2001: 20,000 gryn. 2002: 35,000 gryn. 2003: 60,000 gryn (gryn being our currency, 1 gryn = 1 krone). Probably James Taris' LETS presentation of October 2002 has something to do with the increase in turnover... Ås is situated 35 km south of Oslo and is otherwise best known for housing the Agricultural University of Norway (Norges Landbrukshøgskole).

Hardanger Sunnhordlandske Bytering
Lysevegen 125, 5620 Tørvikbygd
Contact person: Ida-Sofie Solberg Stryken

Oslo Byttering

H�nefoss byttering
(Kilden �kosamfunn)

K�fjord n�rmilj�stasjon

Bergen byttering

Fredrikstad byttering


Bytteringen i Kristiansand

Lademoen Byttering
(Trondheim - there are 2 i Trondheim)

Bytteringen Sorgenfri

Bytteringen Gr�nne Penger


Nordre Land Byttering

Bytteringen "Kringla"

Ullevoll Hageby Byttering

B�rum Byttering

Hellerud Byttering


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