The LETSaholic Twist
- Everything you always wanted to know about LETS
... but didn't know who to ask.

About the book

This is the information James Taris shared with LETS groups all over the world on his international LETS tours between 2002-2004.




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... India ...

Tribal Welfare Society
(New Delhi, India)
Post Box No.4818 Sarojini Nagar HO New Delhi-110023 India
Tel: 0091-11-5089856
mobile: 9811019579
Trade in Agro-base products and tribal handicrfts.

... Indonesia

Community Exchange Systems in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Stephen DeMeulenaere, Asia Coordinator
Strohalm Foundation for Integrated Economics
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

... Israel ...

Machrozet LETS
Haya Hatsav
web: http://
There are more than 1000 members in 4 different communities/ regional sub-comummuities.
The currency is "Charozim" which means "beeds".

... Thailand ...

Boon Kud Chum
(Kud Chum District, Yasothon Province, Thailand)
Dr. Apichai Puntasen's email:

Orasa Sunata ...
There are now many CCS projects underway in Thailand other than Boon Kud Chum through the Rural and Social Management Institute.

Rural and social Management Institute
Dr Apichai Puntasen
47/10 Amornphan 4 - Viphavadi-Ransit Road
Jatujak Bangkok 10900
+66 (0) 9927-5264


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