The LETSaholic Twist
- Everything you always wanted to know about LETS
... but didn't know who to ask.

About the book

This is the information James Taris shared with LETS groups all over the world on his international LETS tours between 2002-2004.




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Nigeria ...

Lagos LETS
Official address:

4, Collins Obi Street
(Kudeyibu Estate)
Lagos - Nigeria
Tel: +234-1-7622981
Mobile: +234 80 30 89 50 77
E-mail: /

We are Lagos Local Exchange Trading System (Lagos LETS) founded in Lagos, Nigeria in the year 2002. Just like many other LETS associations around the world, we were established to contribute to the socio-economic developments of our local communities and to ensure our local people enjoy the numerous traditional benefits of LETS.

South Africa ...

South African New Economics Foundation (SANE)
Aart Roukens de Lange
SANE Views Editor and Research Co-ordinator
telephone: +27-(0)21-6894003
telefax: +27-(0)21-6861560
SANE is an autonomous network for the creation of a humane, just, sustainable and culturally appropriate economic system in South Africa.

Patrons: Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndungane, James Robertson (UK), Sheena Duncan, Gordon Oliver

LETS is not my personal focus but it is all part of a New Economics vision. Aloso SANE has a macro rather than a micri vision, but both are needed and must link together. If you visit our website you can reas about our ideas. I have a personal interest in a citizen's income paid in a local currency and backed by formal economic sector taxes and economic activity. We have a local project in the south of the Cape Peniinsula, but it must still get firmly rooted. I am forwarding your communication to our members who are involved there. We also have links with Peter Kooistra's 'The Ideal Self-Interest' based om the concept of a U.N. income for all people. They also operate at a micro level with a global vision.

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